Healthy 99 Check-Up
Delicate and Upscale Physical Check-Up
Pre-marital Physical Check-Up
Adult Physical Check-Up of National Health Insurance
Labor Employment and On-the-Job Physical Check-Up
Delicate and Upscale Physical Check-Up



Item Content Notes
General Exam Height、Body weight、Blood pressure、Body temperature、Pulse rate、Respiration rate Physical exma
Physical Fitness Muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility Physical exma
Body fat Body fat composition Physical exma
Vision exam Eye-sight、Color-differentiation、Intraocular pressure Ophthalmologic examination
Audiometry Exam. Audiometry Exam. Audiometry Exam.
Urine exam urine glucose、urine protein、occult blood、urine pH、urine bilirubin、Uro、specific gravity、WBC、Nit、Ket、Urine Sediment、Microalbuminuria Urine routine
Stool exam Occult Blood Stool occult blood
Blood cell test WBC、RBC、Platelet、Hb、HCT 、MCHC、MCV、MCH Blood routine
Liver function Total Protein,Albumin,A/G,ALK-P,SGOT,SGPT,γ-GT ,Globulin,A/G Blood serum test
Gall Bladder T-Bil、D-Bil Blood serum test
Pancreas function α-amylase、Lipase Blood serum test
Renal function BUN、Creatinine、Uric acid Blood serum test
Thyroid function FREE T4、TSH Blood serum test
For hepatitis screen HBsAg、Anti-HBs、Anti-HCV Blood serum test
For diabetic AC Sugar Blood serum test
For cardiovascular disease evaluation and screen T-chol、TG、HDL、LDL、CPK、LDH Blood serum test
X-ray exam Chest PA、KUB Radiologic exam
Tumor maker AFP、CEA、Male:PSA、Female:CA-125 Blood serum test
AIDS screen anti-HIV Blood serum test
Syphilis screen STS-RPR (VDRL) Blood serum test
Sonography Abdominal sonography、Thyroid sonography Digestive system exam
Pulmonary function Pulmonary function test Repiratory system exam
EKG EKG Cardiac exam
BMD Bone Mineral Density BMD
Atherosclerosis Vascular screening Cardiac exam
Physical exam and consultation For personal physical exam and primary examination result explain and suggestion.