Healthy 99 Check-Up
Delicate and Upscale Physical Check-Up
Pre-marital Physical Check-Up
Adult Physical Check-Up of National Health Insurance
Labor Employment and On-the-Job Physical Check-Up
General Labor Physical Check-Up Requested by Council of Labor Affairs
Physical Check-Up for Meal Preparation Labor
Labor Employment and On-the-Job Physical Check-Up

1. ID card should be presented as identification. NTD1,500 will be charged.
2. Please fast for 8 hours prior to your physical check-up (including water and other drinks).

Item Content Notes
Physical exam and consultation For personal physical exam and primary examination result explain and suggestion.
Syphilis screen STS-RPR (VDRL) Blood serum test
stool test Typhoid Test stool test
For hepatitis screen Anti-HAV IgM Blood serum test
X-ray exam Chest Repiratory system exam